112 Operator (Steam; PC; Регион активации все страны)

112 Operator allows you to manage emergency services in any city in the world! Dispatch units, take calls and face situations caused by weather, traffic or changing seasons. Help the city survive escalating events like riots, organized crime, terrorist attacks, cataclysms, natural disasters and many more!

Danger has escalated

Help on a scale bigger than ever before. The sequel of the award-winning 911 Operator lets you act on many, completely different levels - from taking care of a single neighborhood to coordinating several operators’ work in the world’s biggest metropolises. Full 3D visualization will give you the inside view of your units’ actions. Choose from over 100 000 areas, such as districts, municipalities, and tens of thousands of real cities from all over the world.

To all units: a storm is coming…

Face the dynamic weather, based on authentic, historical data. Watch the incidents change as day or night comes, traffic increases and seasons pass. Watch out for extreme conditions that may lead to cataclysms and natural disasters. Try to tame big wildfires spreading across the map. Weather isn’t your only problem though - be careful when dealing with terrorist attacks and gang wars.

112, what’s your emergency?

Take calls from people in various situations, needing emergency services’ help. You never know who’s on the other side of the line - you might hear a frightening murder story, maybe you’ll have to instruct someone on performing CPR, or keep your nerves while encountering an annoying prankster.

It’s my job, ma’am...

Choose one of the European cities in completely new Career mode and find out if you’ll manage to climb up to the very top of an operator’s career ladder. Follow the commands of your supervisors and see your actions affecting people you’re in charge of or those who need your help. Sometimes your mistakes will only be followed by a reprimanding e-mail, sometimes they’ll influence your own life.You can also play special scenarios in any city in the world, or make your own rules in the Free Game mode.

We need backup!

Command the best specialists, using technologically advanced equipment and vehicles. Decide what to use - a SWAT team, Search and Rescue helicopter, or maybe riot gear? When your units arrive at the scene, command them in the tactical view that gives you the full image of the situation.


  • 25 times bigger, expandable maps of REAL CITIES with 3D buildings
  • entirely new set of emergency calls and large events
  • completely redesigned campaign mode, with objectives system, emails, and a story
  • day&night, weather, seasons and traffic now influences the duty and the incidents happening
  • new fire mechanic, that can consume entire areas and require dozens of units
  • region specification - gameplay will vary depending on a country legislation and district characteristics (slums / business / residential /industrial / forest etc)
  • new OnSite situation visualization that shows the action precisely and intuitively
  • new team members - doctors, sergeants, dogs, robots, and others!
  • additional dispatchers, that you can assign to districts for help!
  • redesigned equipment, now packed up in entire gears

История Изменение цены

*История изменения цены! Внимание! Указанная текущая стоимость 1597 могла изменится.

Месяц Минимальная цена Макс. стоимость Цена продажи
28.12.2023 2028.30 руб. 2069.76 руб. 2048.5 руб.
28.11.2023 1645.46 руб. 1678.38 руб. 1661.5 руб.
28.10.2023 1996.8 руб. 2036.22 руб. 2016 руб.
28.09.2023 1980.13 руб. 2020.15 руб. 2000 руб.
28.08.2023 1581.6 руб. 1613.59 руб. 1597 руб.
28.07.2023 1948.79 руб. 1987.44 руб. 1967.5 руб.
28.06.2023 1932.42 руб. 1971.5 руб. 1951.5 руб.
28.05.2023 1916.47 руб. 1954.53 руб. 1935 руб.

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Владимир 27 Марта 2023, 14:19 #

Книга добротная и хорошо оформлена! Прочитав её очень много узнал нового, и теперь непременно призу на несколько могил... Читать полностью...

Ник 05 Декабря 2021, 11:02 #

Решил выбрать книгу для чтения, которая поможет в борьбе со стрессом... Долго искал в интернете различные книги об этом, но... Читать полностью...

Мария 05 Декабря 2021, 21:36 #

Сын фанатеет по "Мстителям", и эту игрушку просто из рук не выпускает. Сделана она добротно, создатели до мелочей повторили образ... Читать полностью...

Татьяна 06 Декабря 2021, 21:33 #

Классный бальзам, и расход не большой, вроде и тюбик не большой, а хватает надолго. Люблю красные оттенки своих волос, но... Читать полностью...

Мария 06 Декабря 2021, 21:54 #

У агата такой глубокий достойный цвет, даже напоминает сапфир. Также понравилось, что шнурок подобран четко под оттенок камней, а то... Читать полностью...

Артем 11 Декабря 2021, 20:53 #

Неплохо, неплохо. Брал для курток, но, само собой разумеется, для начала испробовал на кожаном планшете: тот стал выглядеть намного лучше,... Читать полностью...

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